Why personal training is dead and how I became the most expensive trainer in Asia

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

A couple of days ago, an article on an above average personal training session came out. And I was the subject of it.

Some said it was a PR trick, others were annoyed, some laughed...

It all started a couple of months back when I was back in the US attending a conference.

One of the attendees asked me for a personal training session.

We settled on the price beforehand and after it he said, "Can I pay you what you're actually worth?"

I was confused, but said, "Sure"

He paid 10x more than we settled on and gave me the most valuable lesson on self-worth and personal mission.

Then I realized



'But… Aren't you a personal trainer?', you might ask.

Hm, no. Not really.

Because I don't like interacting with dead things.

To the point -

Personal training and fitness in general is probably the smallest piece of the health equation.

A lot of people have hired a personal trainer at some point, barely saw any change and ended up burying fitness forever. I don't blame them.


Unless you have a very specific fitness goal (preparing for a competition, learning to lift weights for the first time, etc.) or you REALLY enjoy the way it makes you feel…

You are wasting your time and money on personal training.

"But I want to be fit and healthy"

That's great!



And fitness alone will not change your health.

I acknowledge that it CAN be a catalyst for a positive change, but

How many times have you told yourself "Oh, I worked out today, so I'm just gonna indulge" or "I worked out today, I'm just gonna take the elevator" or (my personal favorite) "I'm just going to workout again to burn it off"

Once again, personal training sessions (or fitness for that matter) aren't going to change your health.

One hour of your day is not going to do much if you're not doing other things right…

And it's not going to make you a healthier and better individual in the long run.

That's why you shouldn't waste your time on it and invest in something that WILL make a difference.

A difference that lasts.

That goes beyond 'better' body or heavier squats.

My mission is to change people's lives. Not their bodies.

And I want to dedicate all my time to do JUST that.

So if someone would like to have me as their personal trainer, I'm not going to just 'train' them to achieve 'body goals'. That time is taking away from me serving people who need to focus on LASTING change and address every pillar of wellness.

That's why my Personal Training services have a high price tag attached to them.

Additionally, during those sessions, not only do we address every pillar of wellness taking a shotgun approach but you have an external motivator that is going to ensure with the upmost confidence that you follow through with your goals, crush them and exceed them.

In my opinion an investment in health and vitality can not be defined by a price tag.

That's how it's different.

Take it or leave it.

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