How to travel smarter and never experience jetlag again

Just had a 15hr flight and figured I could put a quick travel protocol together that would help my fellow travelers.

1. Fast - fasting is a great tool in general, but it's crucial to engage in when traveling for a myriad of reasons. First, airline food is horrible. It's reheated, packaged in toxic containers and low quality. Additionally, your digestive system is working poorly. Second, your taste buds are atrophied so you don't get to fully experience the taste anyway (the dry air in the cabin suppresses your smell). Lastly, not eating while traveling helps your body adjust to the time zone changes and reset your circadian rhythm. If you think that you can't go without food, bring your own snacks - nuts, bars, canned salmon, superfood powders, etc and eat up!

2. Drink drink drink - nope, not coke or beer, but water. Plenty of it. Add some minerals (Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt) to it as well. Another great tool in your travel hydration arsenal is hydrogen tablets. I personally end up drinking over a gallon of water on longer flights.

3. Stretch, move around as often as possible. Sitting for extended periods of time is never a great idea. Bring a massage ball, a foam roller and use the space around the exit rows. I also recommend wearing compression gear. Have you noticed how your limbs get swollen after longer flights? Compression gear (I personally use pressure graded socks) prevents that from happening and improves your blood circulation. If you needed an excuse to wear skinny fit jeans, that's your moment.

4. Wear blue light blocking glasses - planes are full of junk light and traveling is tiring as it is, you don't want extra fatigue caused by crappy lighting.

Some bonus strategies -

-Use a HumanCharger. It's my go-to travel gadget. Their app even has a protocol when to use it. Just input your flight details and they'll sort you out.

-Have a meal during the breakfast time at your destination. Our digestive system has its own circadian rhythm too, so that will help you with battling jetlag as well. Avoid stimulants, or take it easy in them (caffeine, nicotine...)

-Take a high-dose melatonin supplement. 30-50mg does it for me, but see it for yourself.

-Get grounded. Upon arrival, step outside barefoot on a patch of grass, hop in the ocean or take a barefoot walk in the forest. The earth emits native electromagnetic frequencies that are lost when you're on the plane.

-Get a workout in - this one is not for everyone and you might be better off taking it easy, but a quick HIIT session seems to be re-energizing.

Those are the basics that are going to make travel more pleasant and combat jetlag. See what works for you!

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