What is the best diet and why dieting doesn’t work for most people?

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

We are overwhelmed with excess of information attacking us from every possible direction on a daily basis. Most of us have full-time jobs and plenty of other obligations to fulfill. In the midst of all that, we have to feed ourselves in order to survive. Unfortunately, survival seems to be the only goal, since we don’t pay attention on how we can thrive. Our eating habits are usually formed by our culture or family influence, rather than science and biology. We take bits and pieces of what we hear on TV or justify our dietary choices by reading an article on Cosmopolitan, without examining the source of information. Let alone looking for a counter-argument to our beliefs. And how’s that working for us? Looking at the rapidly climbing obesity rates, and normalization of obesity in western society, not too great. Society has established the idea that we can’t take charge of our health, that aging is unavoidable and that genes are what drive our human performance. But is it true?

Genetic predisposition

Genes are only a blueprint that responds and gets activated based on your decisions and environment. Some people might be genetically predisposed to gain weight more rapidly, but the genes are only activated, if they’re making dietary and lifestyle choices triggering that response. Making educated healthy choices and controlling your environment has been proven to prevent and reverse disease. Even in the most extreme cases, people were able to reverse their medical conditions by addressing their limiting factors with diet and lifestyle changes. There are numerous cases of diets that reverse heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even cancer!

Why most diets fail?

I’m incredibly passionate about nutrition. Promoting health and wellness is my ultimate mission. I often get asked to provide people with my meal plan. I NEVER do that. Why? MY diet is MY personal choice, something that works for ME, based on MY lifestyle. Just providing someone with my diet and having them mimic it is the equivalent of me giving out my clothes and having someone wear it. Just as ‘one size fits all’ clothes are not going to look good on most, identical diets are not going to nourish or fit everyone. Because of my lifestyle, I was able to figure out the ins and outs of different diets (reading about how they affect our bodies on the cellular level etc.), experiment with them, tweak them and customize them based on my preferences and performance. That is something that I dedicate a lot of hours to. Conversely, most people are busy with other things and dieting does not even fall in the top 10 list of things that they do every day. For that reason, if they get their hands on my or anyone else’s recommended diets, they are most likely going to fail. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Diet plans can and do work – however, they are made to help a person to achieve a short-term goal and leaves them with no sustainable skills. What people need is not a DIET, they need GUIDANCE. If you are not sure what to eat or where to start, you might think about adding some fruits and veggies to your diet, or eating less processed food. In case you are still struggling, find someone who can provide you with a roadmap and guide you through the process of eating better.

The one and only diet to follow is the one that works for YOU

So… What is the best diet?

EASY! The one and only diet to follow is the one that works for YOU. Take a moment. Read It again. What?! But what about plant-based, keto, paleo, etc.? All of them can be beneficial if they suit your lifestyle and I am not bashing or particularly promoting a single diet or macronutrient breakdown. What I am promoting is getting back in tune with your body! We don’t eat “diets” or “nutrients”, we eat food! One thing that we are missing in dieting is choosing what works for YOU. It sounds simple, but we are so out of touch with our bodies that this elementary piece of advice doesn’t mean much anymore. Do you remember the last time you had a meal without having the TV or some other distraction on in the background? How often do you finish your meal and forget what you had within 5 minutes? The supply of food is exceeding the demand and we’re now overeating mindlessly. Food seems to have evolved into either a necessary inconvenience or entertainment. Seemingly, we have forgotten that food nourishes us. But, by making informed decisions, food can be the most straight forward and affordable pathway to the greatest human performance, health and longevity. There is no best or worst diet, yet, we lack public awareness and a basic understanding about how food can change the way we feel on a daily basis! Why not try it out? Be realistic, identify your road blocks, see how your food choices make you feel. Pick one meal to change, make small adjustments and go from there! Remember, that there is not ‘one size fits all’. You and your lifestyle are unique!

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