Nutritional Agnosticism

I have dietary preferences and strong beliefs on nutrition, however, my choices never clash with my practice as a nutrition coach. Therefore, I would like to proclaim myself a Nutritional Agnostic.

Having personally tried every mainstream diet, I can credibly claim that people can thrive on any given diet and it's the matter of tweaking and optimizing dietary choices to achieve your desired performance level. I like what some vegans are doing, I also support a lot of things that Keto proponents have to offer. At the end of the day, no dietary camp recommends eating highly-processed junk foods and that’s where the conversation should start. There are plenty of ‘junk food…[insert popular diet here] followers’ and people who identify with a certain dietary camp for no real reason. It seems to me that it is more important to slap a label onto yourself than to follow what your body actually needs. Food is not religion, no need to identify yourself with one particular diet. Feel free to experiment, see what works for YOU and don’t obsess over that occasional craving that you needed to satisfy. Eat more real foods (consult someone if you don’t know what that actually means), look for something that is sustainable and doesn’t require perfection. In case you’re lost and not sure where to start, ask for guidance, I am here to help!

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