My Top Book Picks on Food and Nutrition

After accumulating quite a library I would like to share some of my favorite reads on nutrition and how food directly affects our wellness:

Definitely my favorite, exceptionally well written "In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollan

Great read, written by and amazing human, the CEO of Whole Foods John Mackey

Interesting research on longevity and our food choices, delivered by a superstar scientist Valter Longo, PhD

Aggressive claim by Catherine Shanahan, MD that "This book describes the diet to end all diets"

Eye-catching title and another great read, written by Michael Greger, MD, the creator of

Another piece, written by a functional medicine doctor, cardiologist Joel Kahn, MD

It is , indeed, the most comprehensive study of nutrition that has ever been conducted!

A different take on nutrition through the spectrum of biohacking, by Dave Asprey

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