How I stay in shape working out under 3 hours a week and how you can do it too.


You might raise an eyebrow and reread this statement again. Sounds weird coming from a wellness guy, doesn't it? I really don't like working out in the gym. I do enjoy spending time in the gym helping others hit their fitness goals, yet

I genuinely don't like working out myself. But I do it. Why? Simple - I know how good it is for me. I am all about applying MED (minimum effective dose) approach to 'formal' exercise and I believe (so does the science) that there are better ways to stay in shape/<insert your goal here> than spending hours on end in the gym.

First, you don't have to be a pro athlete or fitness freak to be fit and healthy. In fact, pro athletes and fitness freaks are usually really UNhealthy. They don't listen to their body signals, they push their bodies to and beyond its (perceived) limits. Yes, high athletic achievements are impressive, but unfortunately they do not contribute much to overall health.

"Am I doing this to get healthier or to satisfy my vanity and escape doing the work on the inside?"

Being fit does not necessarily mean being healthy. These two can be mutually exclusive and very subjective. It's easy to think that people who are fit are therefore automatically healthy. When I was inthe peak of my physical shape, I was the most unhealthy version of myself. If you're striving to have a six pack - ask yourself - "Am I doing this to get healthier or to satisfy my vanity and escape doing the work on the inside?" One of them creates short-term happiness and the other sets you up for life allowing you to truly be the best version of yourself. And another question, "Do your fitness goals embody an all-round picture of health?"

I'm not an athlete. I don't compete at a high level, I don't even really compete at all, apart from competing with myself during my workouts. I've been away from competing for a while, simply because I like to dedicate my time to helping others rather than focusing on myself and collecting achievements.

However... I do like feeling great on a daily basis, I am proud of being able to row a marathon under 3hrs without any long distance training or having ever rowed more than 5k, I am happy that my body can sustain unexpected (sometimes a bit masochistic) challenges. And I do manage to do that with <3 hours weekly spent 'formally' working out (aka a planned out workout session). Sounds too good to be true? Is this some sort of "6 minute abs campaign" or a "magic pill" that I'm selling? Absolutely not. It's just a multi dimensional approach to fitness. So how do you become the best healthiest version of yourself physically?

"Why would you stick to one thing only if you are just trying to stay in shape?"

When it comes to working out, most people pick one thing, stick with it and ignore the rest. Weightlifters only lift weights, runners only run, people who like high intensity exercise only do HIIT - you get the point. But why would you stick to one thing if you are just trying to stay in shape? That's right - it doesn't make sense...

I spent last few years in the trenches figuring out what works and what doesn't, based on my personal experience, scientific research, various literature and the results of my clients.

I decided to gather it all together and roll out a 12-week exercise plan that aims to equip you with a fitness program that will keep you fit and well (and HEALTHY) for LIFE.

It's going to roll out by the end of the month. Meanwhile, ask yourself "Why?" and FIND THE CORE reason why you want to stay in shape. You might realize that your WHY is just to feel great, rather than looking like a cover model (I hope it is).

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Stay well!

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