Myths about your immune system and what actually works to support it

Immune system doesn't quite work like a light switch.

It's more like a slow working thermostat. You set it and it takes a while to reach the temperature that you're aiming for.

Let's clear the biggest misconception out there:

Nutrition and "immune system boosting" foods.

I keep seeing posts on "immune system boosting" foods and substances.

First of all, there are no foods that really "boost" your immune system. There are only the ones that weaken it. Overall healthy nutrition (healthy is a lose concept that a lot of people have different interpretation on, by the way) is the easiest way to support your immune system. So as long as you've established a perfect diet for YOU, acai, goji berries, ginger or other stuff isn't going benefit you that much...

The only reason to go for superfoods is if it crowds out the junk food out of your diet, since eating "immune system boosting" foods and having pop tarts for dinner doesn't quite work.

Stick to the fundamentals, no need to get too fancy.

Same thing with supplements - if you're getting 4 hours of sleep, stressing out and spending your whole evening in a lazy boy - take as many supplements as you want, it won't matter.

Some things that actually work:

Good quality, restful sleep ✔

6-8 hours of quality sleep is crucial! (higher end if you're active). Quick reminder to flip your phone into airplane mode at least 30min before bed, wear blue light blocking glasses and establish a relaxing evening routine. By the way are you tracking your sleep? (if you're not tracking, you're guessing)

Stress management practices ✔

Chronic stress is THE TOP immune system compromiser. Now is a great opportunity to establish your meditation practice and use stress as a trigger to start box breathing and work on developing a positive mindset!

Supplements ✔

As a minimum, grab a solid multivitamin (shoot me a message for recommendations) and stack these on top: Vitamin C (liposomal delivery and 3x a day since it's water soluble and quickly leaves your system), glutathione (liposomal delivery), Vitamin D/K2, astaxanthin, quercetin, aloe vera, chaga, l-lysine, ala, colloidal silver to name a few...

Movement ✔

When others are slowing down you've gotta speed it up! Move the body, get that hormetic stress response that is necessary for your body to be better at protecting itself!

Avoiding alcohol ✔

A sure way to weaken your immune system is to consume excess alcohol.

Eating clean ✔

As I mentioned above, pop tarts and supplements don't quite go well together. Eat whole, unrefined, organic foods.


Enjoy a cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen or an infrared sauna session to boost your immune system even more.

That's it!

Stay proactive out there and keep your immune system at its peak all year round, not just at the moments of crisis!

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