Shotgun gut fixing protocol and how to recover from food poisoning FAST

I had an amazing time in Bali. It's my favorite holiday destination and probably 6th visit in the past couple of years.

However, as with most tourist abundant destinations in Asia, it's pretty easy to catch a stomach bug if you're not being careful. And you know that I'm not careful when traveling...

Anyway, my vacation concluded with a rough 4-hour flight back and I will spare the details.

The second I got back, I had full-access to my supplement cupboard and that's what I took (no affiliation with any of the brands):

1 dose of Restore supplement to repair my gut lining

2 servings of colostrum (it is known to have gut-healing properties)

1 serving of marine phytoplankton (for minerals and immune support)

Spirulina, chlorella and electrolyte supplement (no, not Gatorade...)

A few hours following that - activated coconut charcoal (taken later so it doesn't bind the rest of the supplements)

Herbal parasite cleanse first thing in the morning.

Seems like quite a lot of stuff, but I was back on my feet the very next day. I also stayed well-hydrated and nourished myself with easy-to-digest whole foods, including some fermented goodness.

The aforementioned stack can also be used to address leaky gut or digestive problems.

Hope this helps!

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