Real goal setting and why goals don't matter

Goals don't matter. Well, they do, but not as much as the process of achieving them. Imagine this: What if we all just accepted ourselves where we are now and took small steps that we enjoy to move forward regardless of the final result? I've got the answer - we would succeed.

Goal setting is great. It's also intimidating. Setting your goals with a "If this then that (IFTTT)" mentality automatically sets you up for failure. From my experience with myself, my friends, my family and my clients I know that you won't be happier when you lose 10lbs. You won't be happier if you cut out all of the carbs out of your diet. You won't be happy if you have a six-pack...It is my belief that when it comes to health and wellness you will be happier if you do small things consistently that move you steadily towards your ultimate goal and you will definitely be happier if you're enjoying the process. THE "No pain no gain" mentality will keep you going for a week. Maybe two. Consistency will set you up for good.

We've been taught to set goals BUT we haven't been taught the most important bit - how to discover a clear path to our goals and howto embrace the process of achieving them. The IFTTT mentality might bring you to your goal but then what?

What if in addition to setting the bigger goals you also set a plan of smaller achievable tasks that take little time and effort to accomplish and move you towards your ultimate goal?

Step 1 - Identify your goal and be specific

"I want to get in shape" (Goal)

Cool! What does it mean for you to be in shape? Is it being able to do 100 push ups? Running a marathon? Not having back pain?

Step 2 - Define your why

There must be a reason why you want to achieve your goal. Ask yourself, "why?" You might need to do this more than once and might be surprised to discover that your actual "why" is different from what you initially thought.

Step 3- start with a 2 minute action

It's easy to get lost on the long road when there are no signs that guide you to your destination. Simple actions are those signs that keep you on track. Go with this template: "During the next 2 weeks, I will partake in at least of 2 minutes of [Your action that moves you towards your goal] everyday at [Time of Day] at/in [Place]."

Breakthroughs don't happen overnight. They happen in increments, with clear intentions.

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