Encouragement to step up

Wellness space is full of individuals who either

1. Get their certification and stop learning or

2. Collect additional certifications for letters behind their name but don't change the value that they provide.

"I've been doing this for 30 years"

That doesn't mean a thing.

A lot of 'experts' have been doing the same thing for ages.

You can call it a 30 year experience.

Yet, the reality is that most of them have 1 year of experience and they have done the same thing 30 times.

Letters behind people's names oftentimes simply mean that they can pass a test. Which is somewhat important for general knowledge, yet gives you very little practical knowledge that can be implemented.

There's another breed that is a bit more rare - professionals who are lifetime learners, constantly challenge conventional wisdom and push the envelope. They step out of 'everybody's doing this way' mentality and realize that no innovation ever happened through 'doing the same thing as everyone else'.

How do they learn?

They learn through seeking out mentors, putting themselves into uncomfortable situations, challenging their beliefs and learning from masterminds.

If a professional stops investing in him/herself and their informal education, and most importantly, IMPLEMENTING their learnings, the truth is - they don't give a shit about their clients. In every professional's schedule there should be a time every day blocked off for learning. Not only about their craft, but also about something that challenges their way of thinking.

I see so many practitioners, coaches and other professionals who just do the bare minimum to retain their licenses and collect useless certificates that are 'required by the board', yet, it doesn't change their way of providing value to their clients.

My mission is to clean up the wellness space, reduce the noise, nonsense and provide incredible value for people, while encouraging other professionals to step up and use an open minded and modern approach to providing their services.

Your move.

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