Gadgets/items I don't go anywhere without and why I need them...

I'm always on the go and there are some items I can't leave my house without. Every item in my bag serves a purpose!

1. Water bottle. Pretty self-explanatory, I usually carry a couple of them and the one in the picture is a hydrogen water generator. Hydrogen is known to be a great antioxidant, so I make sure I use it quite a lot. Opt for glass or stainless steel bottles.

2. Salt - most water sources are stripped of minerals, so I make sure I replenish them by adding Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt. Sodium chloride in salt boosts your hydration, too.

3. Activated coconut charcoal, digestive enzymes (gluten guardian, p3om) - in case I have a meal out and I'm not sure about how I'm going to react to it. Coconut charcoal is a great binder (binds to toxins). It can also bind to micronutrients, so I wouldn't use it when taking vitamins or other supplements...

4. Supplement boxes - morning, afternoon and evening doses. I might be a bit on the hardcore side, but supplementing has helped me quite a bit.

5. Human Charger - natural-ish pick-me-up when I'm spending a lot of time indoors. It shines blue light on your brain and makes you more alert.

6. Nicotine Spray - no, I don't smoke, nor I'm trying to quit. Nicotine is a great nootropic/stimulant if you need extra concentration. I use it when I need extra mental acuity.

7. Laptop and headphones - obviously...

8. Primal Pit Paste - nobody wants to smell... But I don't want nasty chemicals and parabens in my body either. More on toxic materials in the future, but for now - opt in for essential oil based personal care products.

Some extras that I usually carry around - nuts, seeds, bars, journal...

Failing to plan is planning to fail, right?

What's in your bag?

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