What I've learned at the 6th Annual Biohacking Conference

WHAT A WEEKEND! I felt like a kid at a candy store. I was running around non stop, checking out a bunch of cool gadgets, technologies, machines and supplement formulations. Between running around the tech expo hall, eating quality food and drinking Bullletproof coffee followed by amazing biodynamic wine provided by Dry Farm Wines, I met tons of fascinating and inspiring people. It exceeded my expectations. By far. Let me give you a quick summary of some great tech and my favorite experiences.

Recovery/health optimization tech

1. Trusii - these guys are doing great things. Molecular hydrogen is one of the oldest molecules and we just recently figured out that it can be utilized to our benefit. They've got hundreds of studies proving its safety and efficacy for hundreds of disease models. Hydrogen works as a selective antioxidant, meaning that it goes where your body needs it to go. Cool stuff and definitely bright future for their technology.

2. BrainTap - very cool technology that combines binaural beats and led lights to put your brain into a meditative state. Awesome stuff!

3. Chili pad - the guys at the booth were joking that Chili Pad has saved a lot of marriages. You can control the temperature of both sides of the bed and the device is very energy efficient. I got one immediately, check them out here.

4. Pulse Centers - Pulse Electromagnetic Field technology is pretty recent and I found it awesome for recovery. As they say, "Each cell in your body is actually a capacitor, or battery, which holds a charge. Your entire body is electrical and your cells each need a measurable electrical charge to function optimally. In order to maintain good wellness, cells must be doing their jobs. PEMF Exercise supports the body’s natural abilities to optimize balanced body functions." You can find them here.

5. Ballancer pro - lymphatic drainage is crucial and these guys are doing it right. Their pants and jackets provide you with a soft-feeling massage. Get ready to run straight to the bathroom after using it!

Fitness tech

1. Neufit - in my opinion it was the coolest device at the conference. Their technology literally retrains your nervous system. What separates them from others is that they're using DC current that is more effective at healing, muscle repair and neuromuscular re-education. Amazing device for anyone, whether you're an athlete, recovering from an injury or just want to be more efficient with your workouts.

2. Egoscue & A-Line - these guys sorted me out. A-line team showed me how immobile my ankles were. Gordon walked me through the initial evaluation and I saw how jacked up my feet were. In order to get into a deep squat I need to point my toes out. The second I put their insoles in my shoes, my ankle mobility was improved. As they say, "Experts agree we weren’t meant to wear shoes, but we live in a world of concrete, asphalt, and a host of other terrains that wreak havoc on our feet. To make things worse, the shoes we wear restrict the natural movements of the more than 100 bones, muscles, and joints in each foot". I totally swear by them, my feet feel great now.

Brian from Egoscue is incredibly passionate for what he does. And what he does is sorting people's postures out. You have to check them out if you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer (I know you do).

3. Kaatsu Global - blood flow moderation technology that safely restricts your venous flow. They say that "this is very different from blood pressure cuffs that are specifically designed to occlude (cut off) blood flow to the limbs. The Bands very importantly allows for ease of movement of the limbs (for walking, running, cycling, calisthenics, physical therapy, swimming, throwing, pulling, pushing or any specific movements required in sports or fitness)." Cool technology, that is used by one of the fastest swimmers on Earth.

4. ARX - a fun bunch of guys that bring the future of exercise. It responds to the resistance that you apply and you can achieve resistances that would be impossible if done with free weights. That makes a super efficient strength workout. You can get a full body strength session done in under 15 minutes. It's great, because you don't need a spotter, the range of motion is customized and you're competing against yourself (your workouts are saved in the system). Amazing technology for sure.

5. Carol - stationary bike that is powered by artificial intelligence (I don't like that it says 'it gets you slim and fit' - they should move away from body-image oriented marketing). Anyway, the bike itself is pretty cool. Once again, you're competing against yourself and others worldwide and it only takes 40 seconds of actual work in order to get results (studies done with sedentary individuals). They have all kinds of customized workouts and a fun UI.

Supplements/other edibles

1. BiOptimizers - Matt and Andy are two awesome individuals and I fully stand behind their products and everything that they do. They're slogan is "We fix digestion" and they indeed do that! I take their Gluten Guardian every time I eat out and indulge in bread that is not made by my girlfriend and they call their probiotic P3OM the "Navy SEAL" of probiotics. Find them here.

2. OlaLoa - Gregory is an amazing guy and a wealth of knowledge. His vitamin blends are easy to take on the go and are full of good stuff. Learn more.

3. Four Sigmatic - they were there too! Best medicinal mushroom elixirs and coffees kept us all going! They don't need an introduction, the company has been uber successful and provides amazing products that support your energy, sleep and mental performance. Definitely get familiar with them if you haven't already (no, their mushrooms don't get you high...)

4. Flying Embers - my new favorite kind of kombucha! They call it 'hard kombucha'. I bet if you try this stuff you will never drink beer again. Delicious stuff that's fermented with adaptogens.

5. Beekeeper's Naturals - delicious honey products ranging from throat spray to royal jelly and CBD honey. Worth checking them out.


1. Breathwork with Jon Paul Crimi - the most profound experience of the weekend. This man started teaching this breathing technique because it changed his life and he wanted to help others. Ego dissolving and mind opening session. I felt like I got rid of 10 years of emotional baggage during his session. A life changing, deep and amazing experience. See his work here.

2. Dr. Mercola - the man, the myth, the legend. This man is obsessed with wellness and I'm obsessed with learning more and more from him every day. Some key things I've learned from his presentations:

HAVE YOUR PHONE ON THE AIRPLANE MODE EVERY TIME YOU DON'T USE IT! 5G sounds like a cool technology, but its effects on the human's body might be severe. Dr. Mercola presented some studies on peroxynitrite (reactive nitrogen species) that are more dangerous and longer living than ROS (reactive oxygen species) and induce damage on stem cells, mitochondria, DNA and cell membranes.

He's got his whole house hard-wired and highly recommends us all to do so. Switching your WiFi off at night is a great idea as well.

When talking about fasting he recommended to avoid glutamine, BCAAs, methyl folate, B12 and Colostrum, while adding resveratrol, EGCG, berberine, kaempferol, fisetin and quercetin to enhance your fast. Mercola.com for anything health related.

3. Shawn Stevenson - very entertaining, just like his Model Health Show. He was talking about transforming your environment to make health and success exponentially easier, uncover the “stalls” in your life that ca

use you to remain stuck and kick them to the curb forever by implementing small, seemingly insignificant daily habits.

4. Jim Kwik - he suffered from a learning disability when he was a child and made his life's mission to help others train their mind. MOM - motivation, observation, mechanics. All these are necessary if you want to remember new things. He says that when you teach someone, you get to learn it twice. Definitely check out his podcast, it's really useful!

5. Naveen Jain - the founder and CEO of Viome and serial entrepreneur, amazing and down-to-earth individual. The main point that I got from his presentation was to ask better questions and to look for the upstream of why a given problem exists. He said that once you're an expert you can only make incremental changes. In order to make exponential progress you have to look at the foundation of a given industry to disrupt it. He believes in empowering consumers, educating and inspiring them, rather than just treating them as buyers. His company Viome can be found here.

Once again, the event didn't disappoint, learned a lot, experienced even more. Check out the conference for next year and hope to see you there!

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