Be well.

Aim to be well. Not jacked. Not shredded. Not with <10% body fat.

You are more than your body. You are your mind. Your personality. Your drive. Your value to this world is not based on your abs or how much weight you lift - it is based on your contribution to the society, your talents and your wellness.

I realized that "fit" is a very loose term and not the sole purpose. Fitness is a significant part of being well, but if you're aiming to lose 10% of body fat or 5 pounds of 'extra weight', ask yourself, "What is the end goal?", "Is that going to make me well or am I doing this in order to conform to the absurd standards, set by our society?"

Incorporate fitness into your life, don't overthrow your life with fitness.

Preserving your sanity and being well is above everything. Are your actions conducive to you being well?

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