7 habits to add to your morning routine to start your day right

Morning routines set you up for a great day ahead. They reduce and manage stress and can give you motivation and productivity. Here are 7 daily habits to set you up for a blissful day!

1. Hydrate! We spend 6+ hours sleeping and that’s quite a long time to go without water. Our bodies are about 60% water so rehydrating first thing in the morning will jump-start your metabolism and fuel your brain and body for optimal performance!

2. Don’t succumb to grabbing your phone first thing in the morning. Your phone should not be in your bedroom in the first place, but if it is, don’t let that be the first thing you reach for, because it puts you in a reactive state. Take some time to check in with yourself, rather than scrolling through your Instagram feed. Seeing your ex-girlfriend walking her dogs is not how you want to start your morning…

3. Move your body. Not all of us are early birds and enjoy going for a hardcore workout first thing in the morning, but it is always a good idea to take a couple of minutes stretching, doing some sun salutations and getting your heart rate up. It will kick start your day and get the blood flowing.

4. Take a cold shower. I know, it’s a tough one! You don’t have to spend your whole shower time freezing, just take 30 seconds cooling your body down, cold showers are boost your metabolism, immune system and blood circulation. In addition to that, a cold shower will surely wake you up if you feel a bit sleepy!

5. Get some sunlight. Upon waking up it’s a good idea to step outside and expose yourself to some rays! Getting adequate sun exposure manages your cortisol levels and helps you to wake up quicker.

6. Meditate. Whether you’re just checking in with your body or maintaining a gratefulness practice, meditation has a variety of benefits. Take some deep breaths, ground yourself and start your day in a peaceful state of mind.

7. Keep a journal. Some of us have some fantastic ideas upon waking up. Jot them down, they may serve you later.

Try them out all at once or implement one at a time and notice your productivity, energy and happiness levels rising!

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