How to identify disease early and never be sick again

Wouldn't it be nice to age gracefully and never take medication again?

I might have found the solution. Maybe.

A big chunk of the population is sick, tired and overweight. The medical system seems to be broken and food industry is still focusing on its profits before having your health as their best interest.

A positive way to start an article, isn't it?

I'm constantly digging and asking questions: What is it that is not working? How do we fix it? How do I contribute to fixing it?

My personal contribution to a healthier and ultimately better society is education. I love learning and spreading my lessons!

Anyway, one of the things that we don't seem to recognize enough is the wisdom that has been there for centuries and has an incredible amount to teach us.

I dug into Ayurvedic medicine and found what is described as the stages of disease which are not quite the same as they are western medicine and we can learn a lot from.

Ayurvedic medicine (Ayurveda) is one of the oldest healing practices that stems from India. It is based on the balance of the mind, body and spirit.

A conventional medicine approach (which I respect to an extent) is very quantification-oriented. The patient goes to a doctor, complains of specific symptoms, the doctor runs some tests and if nothing quantifiable is out of order, the patient is called a hypochondriac and sent on his way. Seems logical and fair, right?

What if the doctor measured the wrong thing? Maybe they run more tests, don't find anything again, but the patient is still feeling sick.

What happens then?

Case closed, the patient is crazy!

One thing that doctors don't seem to ask (or don't have time to ask) is "What does your diet look like?" ; "How often do you exercise?" ; "Are you using industrial chemicals in your household?" ; "Have you been exposed to mold?"...

It's too easy to block pain receptors in the patient's body and mask they symptom. Unfortunately, the root cause doesn't magically disappear...

In Ayurvedic medicine, prevention is the main focus. Lifestyle interventions are the first step in the process of healing.

They also identify Six Stages of Disease that I found profound and fascinating.

Stage One: Accumulation

According to Ayurvedic medicine, disease starts with the accumulation of one or more doshas. Doshas are defined as "mind-body operators that govern the body's functioning" . To keep it simple - we can see doshas as three buckets that have equal amount of water in them and are hanging on a 3-way balance scales. Through poor lifestyle choices and biological load, one or more of the buckets get over filled and now they're imbalanced.

Stage Two: Aggravation

Stage two of disease now not only overfills one or more of the buckets with water, but the water that is being poured into the buckets is dirty.

Stage Three: Dissemination

In stage three, the buckets start mixing together and they move out their initial positions, becoming imbalanced.

In one's body that translates into feeling "sub-par" and unusually "low".

Stage Four: Localization

I don't think examples of buckets serve well at this point, because one of the dosha moves into a specific spot in the body, whether it is an organ or a tissue and starts negatively impacting its functions.

The dosha usually falls into the place that has been neglected the most. The liver, if it's been abused with alcohol, the head, if it's been abused by the lack of sleep, the stomach and the skin if your nutrition has been sub-par for your body, etc...

Stage Five: Manifestation

In this stage the disease has been fully expressed in the body in whichever shape or form

Stage Six: Chronicity (also called Disruption)

And finally, the disease overtakes the body and the body's natural defense mechanisms are not capable of neutralizing it.

So how do you identify if you're out of balance?

Do you remember what you did and how you felt 3 days ago? Chances are that you don't. We have a pretty skewed perspective of ourselves so I've put together a quick evaluation that allows you to ask questions and evaluate yourself on a consistent basis.

Just go through this list once every 3 months or so:

On a scale of 1-10

Overall Energy Level:

Sex drive/libido:

My nutrition:

Chronic joint pain (10=no pain):

Trouble sleeping (10=no problems):


Being able to focus:



Getting sick (10=never):

My activity level:

My memory:

Add it up and keep revisiting it. If you're not confident with being objective with your answers, ask your significant other or someone close to you evaluate these areas.

Ask yourself - why am I feeling this way?

Answer honestly, identify the areas where you're falling short, address them right away and never be sick again.

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