10 Daily Exercises You Can Do From Your Home

1. Handstands. Not only it is a great exercise to strengthen your upper body, but it is also going to improve your blood circulation and wake you up if you need a little pick-up! Start climbing against the wall if you never tried it and work your way up to the unassisted beautiful handstand. Test your balance and impress your friends!

2. Triceps dips. Grab on to the corner of your bed and move your whole body up and down, squeezing your triceps muscles. If done correctly, it also incorporates your core. You can add some weight on your lap (or your partner) to make it more challenging!

3. Push-ups. So many wonderful variations! You can start with knees down if you still need to build more strength and work your way up to something more explosive like clap push-ups or superman push-ups. Pick your variation and have fun with it!

4. Air squats. Extend your arms in front of you and get low! If you are looking for a challenge, go for pistol (one-legged) squats to reach a quick burn.

5. Planks. One of my personal favorites and has so many great variations! Simple planks don’t cut it for you? Go for a rotating plank (shifting your weight from side to side), side planks, clockwork plank (simulating clock hands) or shoulder tap planks. Get ready for a pleasant core and shoulder burn .

6. Step-ups. Grab a chair, sofa bed or any platform that is challenging to step on and get ready for a burning sensation in your glutes.

7. Up-downs. More upper body action! A mash-up between push-ups and planks. Start in the push up position and move down to your elbows, one by one. If you are up for a challenge, you can try going up and down simultaneously, it is definitely a tough one!

8. Spider mountain climbers. Interesting movement, that is going to raise your hearth rate and challenge your core. Start in a high lunge position with your right foot on the outside of your right hand. Drop your hips and generate the power from your core and switch the position to the left foot to the outside of your left hand in a jumping motion.

9. Lunge squat jumps. Start in a lunge position with your knee touching the floor and explode up, switching legs, then jump straight into a squat! Very challenging and tiring so you might want to opt for a variation without jumping.

10. V-ups. If you want to strengthen your core V-ups is a perfect exercise for that! Just lay down flat on your back and simultaneously pick up your upper body and legs, reaching for your toes. You will start feeling the burn in no time!

You can try these exercises in a sequence for a couple of rounds and make a High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) session out of it (try 45/15, 40/20 or 30/30 work/rest intervals), or take your time and slowly perfect the movements!


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