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I am planning to live until at least 150 (crazy,right?). With the technology that is available now, in addition to healthy multi-dimensional daily practices, aging is becoming optional. We are all capable of living vivacious lives well into our 100s. I am constantly exploring cutting-edge techniques and learning from the anti-aging experts around the world while sharing my knowledge with others.

Thanks to the Western (conventional) medicine, life span in humans is increasing. Our health span, however, is staying the same or even declining. Western medicine is great at addressing acute illnesses and treating symptoms, but rarely useful when it comes to addressing chronic diseases and absolutely useless when it comes to preventing them.

Working with me, you will discover and implement practices that are going to increase your 
health and life span. Practices that are going to assist you in reaching your full potential, showing up for your passions, your family and yourself.



It took me a while to figure out that nutrition is directly linked to my physical and mental performance. Even though it seems like common sense now, a lot of us still don't make that link. Quick question - If you buy a brand new car, would you put good gasoline in it? Now ask yourself a question - Why would you choose to put junk fuel into a machine that is way more sophisticated than a car - your body.

Tuning in to your nutritional needs is crucial and directly influences how you show up in the world on a daily basis. The current food industry does not have your health as its best interest. Navigating the diet-mentality-oriented fitness and wellness industry along with all of the excess information is, understandably, challenging.

At the beginning of our journey together we might start from the very basics, re-learning habits that are naturally part of our biology, such as intuitive and mindful eating. Forget about yo-yo dieting, buzz-words and the latest trends. The best diet is the one that works for you and your body.

Movement and Fitness


Having gone through 4 military bootcamps, boxed competitively, participated in 24-hour races and other masochistic events, I can credibly claim that going to the gym and doing isolation exercises is not going to suffice. We see too many 'athletes' with impressive physiques who can't climb a set of stairs without losing their breath. Our bodies are designed to move. Sitting is called the new smoking and a lot of us find ourselves glued to our chairs, experiencing chronic pain and not being able to move in the way that our body was designed to. That's where functional training comes in. Functional training focuses on compound movements with or without added weight.

Another important piece of the puzzle, arguably more important than exercise, is low-level physical activity. Taking stairs, going for a walking meeting, stretching - when was the last time you did any of these? Incorporating movement into your lifestyle can be way more effective than spending 2 hours in the gym and spending the rest of the day sitting. 

You and I will analyze your lifestyle and adapt your environment so that it is conducive to movement. We will take a holistic approach to fitness, finding the movement that works for you and your lifestyle. 

"Exercise is your supplement and movement is your food" 

-Aurimas Juodka

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