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My name is Aurimas Juodka and my mission is to make high performance mainstream and help people live healthier, fuller and longer lives. I help busy people to take charge of their health, so they can feel and perform at their best, especially if they have found that their understanding about lifestyle, exercise and nutrition hasn't served them.

I am a speaker, educator and leader in the industry, helping people and corporations around the world to integrate and optimize peak performance through stress management, productivity, and healthy lifestyle techniques.

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If you are reading this, you are lucky - you have access to internet, food and water. You possibly are a successful person - someone who is making a difference or simply providing for your family. But what's all the success in the world worth if you don't have health to enjoy it?

First things first - you have to take care of your biology. If your body is constantly fighting to reach homeostasis, you're wasting your precious energy that you could utilize towards doing things that drive you. We will face your roadblocks together and address them with a multi-dimensional, personalized approach that would help you increase not just your life span, but your health span.


There is no universal diet. It's a process of learning what works for you as an individual. One food that is healthy for everybody else could be Achilles heel for you. I take a time tested, scientific, segmental, sequential and strategic approach to nutrition that guarantees lasting change. We will work together to find the most nourishing way of eating for you. If necessary, we can personalize your nutrition through genetic, blood, microbiome and hormonal analysis.  


Exercise should not be a relentless death march on the treadmill. Exercise isn't necessarily about running a marathon or killing yourself with Crossfit workouts on a daily basis (unless that's exactly what you're looking for). When it comes to staying fit, it's all about movement and those remaining 23 hours that you don't spend in the gym. 

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